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Hello, I am Viv!

Originally from Pasadena, California I have made my home in Brooklyn, NY as an actor, vocalist, and creator.   I graduated from NYU with a double major in Drama and Anthropology and the goal to make this world that much more funny, candid, and fair. 


At NYU, I trained at The New Studio on Broadway for two years, then went to Stonestreet Studios to learn on-camera acting. At graduation, I was fortunate enough to be awarded the Tisch Drama Outstanding Achievement in Studio Award for my work in the feature film The Arrival which just premiered Nov 2023. 

Screen Shot 2023-07-16 at 10.26.39 PM.png

I have been a part of both "I AM WOMAN" concerts for female empowerment held in NYC and have earned Equity eligibility through San Francisco Shakespeare Festival and their virtual production of King Lear.  To keep fresh, I take jazz class at Mark Morris and improv at The Pit each week, but you can also find me serving pints and shaking cocktails at The Dead Rabbit. Cheers!

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